Sunny Leone on how husband Daniel Weber popped the question to her: The proposal was simple and quiet, exactly how I wanted it! | Hindi Movie News

It might not be the regular love stories we are used to reading in books and watching on films, but the story of how Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber got together is simply endearing.

Spilling the beans on how they met, Sunny told Humans of Bombay that they met through Daniel’s bandmate at a club in Vegas. Although Daniel says it was love at first sight, it was not so for Sunny. She remembered making small talks but there weren’t any floating hearts or violins. The actress revealed that he somehow got her number and email ID. She added that despite having her phone number, Daniel preferred emailing her instead of calling and that’s how they started talking.

Talking about how Daniel popped the question to her, Sunny added that she was looking around for a box to put her ring in. Randomly, Daniel gave her this beautiful mahogany box that he had made. It said, ‘with love, Daniel.’

Sunny revealed that she was so excited with the box when he just casually said, ‘I also have another ring for you!’ According to her, the proposal was very simple and quiet, exactly how she wanted it.

Today, the couple is loving parents to three adorable kids – Nisha, Noah and Asher.

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